Expedition launch announcement: Atlantic Ocean Row 2014

13 Mar


At last, I’m ready to announce my next major expedition!

Over the Next Wave: Atlantic Ocean Row 2014

  • An Atlantic Row world record-breaking attempt
  • A documentary film to challenge mental health stigma and raise awareness of Talking Therapies
  • Science projects in association with Cranfield University and the University of Leicester
  • A sponsorship opportunity delivering professional marketing materials tailored to your company
  • An opportunity to inspire your employees to face personal challenge head on!

Follow me and the rest of the Avalon Atlantic 2014 ocean rowing crew as we face own personal mental and physical challenges throughout an attempted record-breaking row across the Atlantic. Read about the associate cutting-edge science project and charitable fundraising activities.

While extremely physical, ocean rowing is widely recognised as 90% mental challenge.

Conditions aboard will not be comfortable, far from it. Crammed into a small boat with eight other adults and exposed to salt water and potentially extreme weather, the crew is likely to suffer from sleep deprivation, slow starvation as their bodies struggle and fail to replace calories, trepidation and seasickness.

During the first week at sea an ocean rower’s body will go into a form of shock as it adjusts to the new environment and unrelenting nature of the duties. Each crew member will row for two hours, then have two hours off – with the ninth shift offering a glorious four hour sleep in between – for the entire journey, non-stop!

Once we start, wind and current will prevent us from turning back for any reason. There is no support boat, and only one life raft as a last resort.

 “There but for the grace of the trade wind, go you and I. None of us knows what lies over the next wave.” Sarah Lawton

My pledge

I, Sarah Lawton, 46-year-old entrepreneur, wife and mother, am taking on the Atlantic Ocean Row (Dec 2014) to:

  1. beat the 30 day barrier for rowing across the Atlantic
  2. break three current Guinness World Records
  3. carry out scientific data collection towards improving biosensor technologies
  4. raise awareness of Talking Therapies for mental wellness
  5. produce a documentary to challenge current stigma associated with mental illness

Never having set foot in a rowing boat prior to signing up for this challenge, I shall be sharing my story from the very beginning. With blogs covering an introduction to rowing at my local club, my first rowing lesson on The River Ouse, crew selection, sea trials with the rest of the crew, my on-going training and – all being well – on-board communications during the actual crossing.

The Crossing

A nine person crew will board Avalon, a 45 foot long, carbon purpose build four-position rowing boat and attempt the 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, from the Canary Islands to Barbados; the Trade Winds 2 route.

The expedition will be led by Skipper Levin Brown. With three times Guinness World record-breaking rows of the Atlantic under his belt, Leven is widely regarded as the world’s finest ocean rowing skipper and is renowned for having a knack for choosing the right people for his crew.

World Record Attempts

  1. The fastest crossing of the Atlantic on the trade winds 2 route
  2. A sub 30 day time – this is the 4 minute mile of ocean rowing
  3. The longest distance travelled in 24h record
  4. The most consecutive days rowing over 100 miles.
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2 responses to “Expedition launch announcement: Atlantic Ocean Row 2014

  1. scillagrace

    March 14, 2014 at 5:48 am

    A month in an open boat? Wow. Bring plenty of sunscreen!


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